The October Awards, Competitions and records broken

What a great month.

Each month during the winter season, we run a handicap competition for  Bray I and Portsmouth. As a handicap competition, it gives all archers of all abilities and bow types a chance to compete together.

We have also submitted the first entries to the Virtual Archery League, SCAA, Portsmouth and Frostbite.

Some 252 awards, Portsmouth target awards, and several club records have been broken since the last report.


The Club Handicap Bray I

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Linda Sharp 1452 Recurve
Nigel Godden 1446 Recurve
Steve Robertson 1442 Recurve
Charlotte Bailey 1440 Barebow
Courtney Welsh 1437 Barebow
Mike Cooper 1435 Recurve
Pip Spicer 1420 Recurve


Linda Bray I and Portsmouth 300 Awards October 22
Dulcie Portsmouth Award October 22

The Club Handicap Portsmouth

The Portsmouth

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Dulcie Woollcott 1486 Recurve
Tia Cooper 1473 Barebow
Lily-May Woollcott 1466 Recurve
Courtney Welsh 1464 Barebow
Saskia Farmer 1460 Barebow
Dean Howell 1451 Recurve
Edward Cull 1450 Barebow
Kevin King 1447 Recurve
Luke Duddridge 1447 Barebow
Daniel Cull 1447 Barebow
Laurence Brown 1442 Barebow
Mike Cooper 1441 Recurve
Steve Robertson 1437 Recurve
Nigel Godden 1432 Recurve
Linda Sharp 1430 Recurve
Pip Spicer 1429 Recurve
Charlotte Bailey 1422 Barebow
John Easthaugh 1414 Recurve
Barry Iles 1357 Recurve


VAL Barebow Scores

The Val Portsmouth

The Virtual Archery League enables us to compete with many other national archers.

It is a competition that runs throughout the winter season.

You will see the current scores in your division and your position in that division.

100 is where no score was submitted.

Keep submitting your scores.  Log a score

VAL Recurve Scores

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

The October results have been published, and we have four teams taking part and are currently in 6th, 18th, 25th and 31st places.

Charlotte Bailey is currently the Top Lady Barebow scorer with 539.

Mike cooper is currently in 4th place in Gents Recurve with 563.

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring
Charlotte receiving her 252 awards at 20 and 30 yards

252 Awards

Seeing so many of our archer’s progress through the 252 awards is great.

You can see all the 252 results here


Portsmouth Achievments

Several archers are progressing up the Portsmouth Scale and have received awards to reflect that.

You can find more information on the dedicated Portsmouth Round Page.

Portsmouth Bage 500

October Club Records

We maintain a list of Club Records; below is a list of those broken in October. You will notice that there is now a grouping for those over 50. Giving lots more opportunities to break the club records.

Why not take a look at all the Club Records? There is a likely hood you hold at least one record.


Archer Round Score Group Bow Type
Charlotte Bailey Bray 1 260 Women Barebow
Charlotte Bailey Hereford 703 Women Barebow
Kevin King Portsmouth 552 Men 50+ Recurve
Laurence Brown Portsmouth 499 Men 50+ Barebow
Mike Cooper Vegas Triple Face 530 Men Recurve
Mike Cooper WA 18m 538 Men Recurve
Pip Spicer Portsmouth 472 Women 50+ recurve
Ruby Churchill Frostbite 56 Women under 12 Barebow
Steve Robertson WA 70m 375 Men 50+ Recurve
Tia Cooper Portsmouth 127 Women under 14 Barebow