Last amended 3 September 2015 Minute 15.06


General Provisions

  1. The club shall be called The Bowmen of Danesfield, herein after referred to as the Club.
  2. The postal address of the Club shall be that of the Secretary or the current Chairman in the absence of a Secretary.
  3. The objects of the Club

  1. Shall be the promotion and encouragement of Archery in all forms, other than Bow Hunting.
  2. To actively encourage Archery for the disabled.
  3. To adopt Danesfield School and the GNAS mottoes:-

“Living and Learning Together”
“Union, True Heart and Courtesy”

  4. The Shooting Regulations as prescribed in the Grand National Archery Society, known as Archery GB ‘Rules of Shooting’ shall be accepted as governing the relevant branches of the Sport of Archery practised by the Club and its members.
  5. Nothing will be included in this Constitution or Rules, which conflicts with that of Archery GB.
  1. The funds and property of the club shall be vested jointly in the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being.
  1. All monies and sums received on behalf of the Club shall remain the property of the Club and there will be no distribution of such funds amongst the members.
  1. The Constitution of the Club shall not be altered or amended except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club.  
  2. Members wishing to alter or amend the Constitution shall submit such an amendment to the Secretary, twenty eight days before the General Meeting at which such a proposition is to be considered,and shall be moved and seconded before any discussion.
  3. Notice of such amendment shall be sent to all members entitled to receive notice of such Meeting.
Special Provisions
  8. Dissolution of the club

  1. If the Junior Club ceases to function, then all the equipment and funds shall go to the Senior Club.
  2. If the Senior Club ceases to function, then all the equipment and funds shall go to the Junior Club.
  3. If both Clubs cease to function, then all the equipment and funds shall go to Somerset County Archery Society to be disposed of through the County for safety.
RULES of the Bowmen of Danesfield


  9. Membership of the club shall be open to all persons interested in advancing the objectives of the club and who are willing to abide by these Rules. This shall be subject to practical size and safety limits dictated by the available facilities.

There shall be the following classes of members:

  1. Senior Members: Any person interested in archery having attained the age of eighteen and having passed an approved Introductory Course on Archery shall be eligible for admittance as a Senior Member.
  2. Junior Members: Any archer under the age of eighteen who, having passed an approved Introductory Course on Archery and has been accepted as a member of the club.
  3. Honorary Members: Any person whom the Club may wish to honour for distinguished service to the Club may be elected at a General Meeting of the Club as an Honorary Member for Life or for a specified period of time.
  4. Associate Members: Any archer over the age of eighteen who has been accepted as an associate member of the club and who has paid the required Club fee and has paid all other necessary membership fees to some other recognised archery club or Direct to Archery GB.
  5. Student Members: Any archer over the age of eighteen who is registered on a full-time course in Further or Higher Education, having passed an approved Introductory Course on Archery and who has been accepted as a member of the club who is a fully paid up with the Club, County, Regional and National membership for the year.
  6. Family Members: Parents who wish to shoot with their active Junior members during junior shooting sessions. As for Senior Members on a 2 + 1 basis.
 10. The decision of the committee to accept or decline an application shall be final and without explanation.
11. All members as defined in Clause 9 other than Honorary Members shall pay a subscription to the Club at rates to be determined from time to time by members at a General Meeting.
12. All subscriptions shall become due on the 1st September.
A member who has not paid his/her subscription by 1st October in any year shall cease to be a member of the Club unless the Club Committee considers there are extenuating circumstances.
13. The management of the Club’s affairs shall be entrusted to the Club Committee.
14. The Club Committee shall consist of:

  1.  President
  2.  Chairperson
  3.  Secretary
  4.  Treasurer
  5.  Club Coach
  6.  Seniors’ Coach
  7.  Juniors’ Coach
  8.  Records Officer
  1. A Chairperson, Secretary and a Treasurer shall be appointed by members at The Annual General Meeting which shall determine the terms of their appointments from time to time.
  2. The chairperson shall be elected (or re-elected) at the Annual General Meeting, (but notwithstanding shall remain in the chair until the conclusion of the AGM if not re-elected).
16. At General meetings of the Club Committee, where a vote on any motion is tied the Chairperson may use their casting vote.
17. The Club Committee may appoint sub-committees and may delegate to such sub-committees powers within stated and defined limits.
Financial Examiner
18. Members at the Annual General Meeting shall appoint a Financial Examiner, annually.
19. The Club, through the Treasurer shall cause to be prepared and shall present to the Annual General Meeting a Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the Club on the 1st October of the preceding year, together with an Income and Expenditure Account for the twelve months ending on that day.
20. A copy of the Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account, duly certified by the Financial Examiner, shall be sent with the Notice convening the Annual General Meeting to each Club member.
  1. A Bank Account shall be maintained in the name of the Club.  
  2. All cheques and orders withdrawing monies from the Account shall be signed by any two of the following club officers, President, Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer.
  3. Junior Club Committee members shall not be responsible for any of the Club’s finances or any matters arising from legal action taken against the Club.
General Meetings
  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of June at a place to be determined by the Chairman.
  2. Not less than twenty-one clear days notice of such meetings shall be sent to each Club member.
Extraordinary General Meetings
  1. The Club Committee or, at the request of eleven or more Club members, shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting.  
  2. Not less than twenty-one clear days notice of such meetings shall be sent to Club members.  
  3. Notice of any Motion to be moved shall be sent to all Club members entitled to receive notice of the Meeting.
  4. The Chairman may exercise a right to summon an Extraordinary General Meeting of the membership for any reason requiring immediate action.
Voting and Quorum
24. At all General Meetings
1.   Five members shall form a quorum.
2.   Each Senior Club member shall be entitled to one vote.
25. In the case of an emergency, the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer shall together have full powers to act.
26. Discipline

  1. A field captain or coach may, at any shoot, require an archer to leave the line if their conduct is deemed inappropriate.
  2. The Club Committee may at any meeting, by a two thirds vote invoke a Disciplinary Procedure (Appendix Two) on any member who it is alleged has violated the general rules of Bowmen of Danesfield as laid out in Appendix One, or whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the best interests of the Club.
  3. Such a member shall be issued with a copy of the Disciplinary Procedure

 Appendix One

The general rules of Bowmen of Danesfield

  1. All archers to hold an GNAS membership card to ensure that they hold adequate insurance.
  2. Archers to follow the shooting etiquette as set out in the Welcome Pack.
  3. Archers must at all times act in a proper manner toward the facilities and other users of the shooting ground.
  4. All archers must record their attendance on the shooting register kept in the target locker.
  5. Only Senior full members of the Bowmen of Danesfield shall be issued with an equipment shed key.
  6. The school premises shall only be used outside of school teaching hours or when the school playing field is not required for school use.
  7. For the safety of school students all lost arrows MUST be found before the school reopens for students.
Appendix Two

Disciplinary Procedure

  1. Before any disciplinary action, the member shall be given at least 14 days notice in writing and shall be granted the opportunity to be heard by the committee.
  2. The decision of the Committee shall be communicated to the member in writing and the Committee shall not be required to explain its actions to any but those concerned. The Committee is however free, if it so desires, to publish its decision in any medium, including the journals of nationwide or international archery bodies.
  3. The member shall be allowed 28 days from the date of communication of the decision of the Committee in which to lodge and appeal against the decision, in writing, with Secretary of the Club. The Committee shall not communicate its decision, other than to the member, until that period has expired or an appeal has been lodged, whichever is the sooner.
  4. In the event of an appeal against the decision of the Committee, the Chairman of the County Committee shall be requested to appoint an Appeal Panel of three independent individuals. No member of the Club Committee may sit on this panel.
  5. The panel may hear such witnesses and consider such evidence as it shall think fit and its decision shall be binding both upon the appellant and the Club.

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