252 Awards

Distance (Yds) Award Badge
20 White  
30 Black  
40 Blue  
50 Red  
60 Bronze  
80 Silver  
100 Gold  
What is the 252 awards scheme?

The “252” Awards is a scheme to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances. This is a challenge for all members of the club; both novices and experienced archers.

The challenge

The aim is to score 252 points or more on a 122 cm target face at set imperial distances. 

 Archery clubs throughout the UK use the scheme and it applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type* and operates under GNAS rules

The Rules:

  • The attempt for the 252 score must be the first shoot of the day and should be brought to the attention of the Record Officer before the start.
  •  A total of 36 arrows for recurve bows, 30 arrows for compound bows or 72 arrows for longbows or other barebow’s are to be shot at the specified distance using a 122 cm target face and GNAS five zone scoring.
  •  Six sighter arrows are permitted which will not count towards the final score.
  • Once the archer has achieved the minimum required score (using GNAS 5 zone scoring),
    the 252 award may be awarded for that distance on application to the records officer.
  • There is no restriction on the order of distances in which the awards are obtained (i.e. a 30 yd award may be obtained before a shorter distance is attempted, which may then be obtained at a later date).
  • You can only claim one 252 score per day.
  • It is the responsibility of the archer concerned to make a claim on a standard score sheet, witnessed by at least one other club archer, who will record the scores, then sign and print their name on completion as confirmation.
  • The claim should be brought to the attention of the Records Officer, who will be responsible for verifying the scores and claims; and ensuring that the true spirit of the award scheme has been complied with. Contactable via records@bowmenofdanesfield.co.uk


The Award

The certificate will be issued by the club for each distance obtained free of charge. The quiver badges are available to purchase at a cost of £2 per badge and are issued by the records officer.

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