252 Awards

What is the 252 awards scheme?

The “252” Awards is a scheme to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances. This is a challenge for all members of the club; both novices and experienced archers.

The challenge

The aim is to score 252 points or more on a 122 cm target face at set imperial distances. This score varies depending on bow type see chart below.

Archery clubs throughout the UK use the scheme and it applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type* and operates under GNAS rules


The Rules:

  • The attempt for the 252 score must be the first shoot of the day.
  •  To be shot at the specified distance using a 122 cm target face and GNAS five-zone scoring.
  • Six sighter arrows are permitted which will not count towards the final score.
  • Once the archer has achieved the minimum required score twice at each distance (using GNAS 5 zone scoring),
    the 252 awards may be awarded for that distance on application to the records officer.
  • The awards must be completed in order of distance ie 20 yards before 30 yards
  • You can only claim one 252 score award per day.
  • Junior archers may also claim the award at 10 and 15 yards.
  • The archer’s responsibility is to make a claim on a standard score sheet, witnessed by at least one other club archer, who will record the scores, then sign and print their name on completion as confirmation.
  • The claim should be brought to the attention of the Records Officer, who will be responsible for verifying the scores and claims; and ensuring that the true spirit of the award scheme has been complied with. Contactable via records@bowmenofdanesfield.co.uk


The Award

The quiver badges are issued by the records officer.

Distance (Yds) Award Badge Recurve Compound Barebow Flatbow Longbow
20 White   252 280 164 169 189
30 Black   252 280 164 169 189
40 Blue   252 280 164 169 189
50 Red   252 280 164 169 189
60 Bronze   252 280 164 169 189
80 Silver   252 280 126 133 164
100 Gold   252 280 101 106 139

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