Rounds - Classifications - Handicaps

Archery GB has recently conducted a major review of Classifications and Handicaps.
We are making changes to this page as we bring it up to date.

You can find details of the new tables and answers to questions on the Archery GB website


Archers use what are known as rounds as a means of competing and measuring their progress.

There are many rounds, as defined by World Archery and Archery GB.

A round is where archers shoot a set number of arrows at a target face over a specified distance.

You can download our official Club scoresheets on our Downloads Page.



To understand your overall scoring ability, a range of classifications is used.

Outdoor, there are six levels starting with 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Bowman, Master Bowman and ultimately Grand Master Bowman. There are two additional Junior Classifications that slot in Junior Bowman and Junior Master Bowman.

Indoor classifications range from H through to A, being the highest Classification.


Using a Handicap system is a way for archers of all abilities, bow types, ages, or gender can compete together.

Handicaps range from 100 – 0. Zero is the Handicap to aim for.

There is a Handicap for outdoor and indoor rounds, which is usually achieved after three scoring rounds.

During the indoor season in particular, we use the Handicap system to award our Monthly Bray I and Portsmouth awards

The Tables of Archery Rounds, Classifications and Handicaps

Gents - Recurve
Gents - Barebow
Ladies - Recurve
Ladies - Barebow