Join the Bowmen of Danesfield - Club Membership

To Join the club you must have first passed the beginners course,

you are then welcome to join the club and pay your shooting fees.

Step 1

Have you completed a beginners course or are an experienced archer.

If the answer is NO select the Beginners Course Button

If the answer is YES select the Membership of the Club Button

Step 2

Ready to join the club, then please select the Membership of the Club button and after completing the form move onto Step 3.


Step 3

Having completed the form to join the club now select the Shooting Fees button.

If you chose to pay your annual shooting fee with your membership then you do not need to complete this form.

The Bowmen of Danesfield welcomes all experienced archers and those wishing to take up the sport of archery.

Benefits of Membership

  • We are a friendly all-inclusive club with members of all ages and abilities.
  • The club is affiliated to and operates under Archery GB Rules.
  • We are members of OnTarget, Archery GB’s development programme.
  • You will receive guidance from and be shooting alongside experienced archers.
  • You will have the opportunity to shoot 50 weeks of the year.
  • We have the use of both indoor and outdoor ranges (Season Dependant)
  • Beginners have the use of club equipment during their training.
  • We operate and encourage a safe environment for everybody.
  • You will improve your overall fitness, particularly your core and upper body strength.
  • Meet and make friends.
  • This and much more for less than £5 per week.

Becoming a Member and Shooting with Us

Safety is our prime concern, therefore, it is important that all archers before joining the club are of a certain standard. Anybody wishing to join must have passed through ours or another clubs beginners course approved by Archery GB or have had sufficient proven archery experience with another club.

For those of the required standard and wish to join the club please complete both forms step 2 and step 3 by clicking the relevant buttons.

If you wish to take the beginners course further details can be found by clicking the step 1 button

If you have any questions or require help then please contact us.


Membership and other fees

Club Membership

The membership fee includes membership of Bowmen of Danesfield (BOD), Somerset County Archery Association (SCAA), Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS), and Archery GB (AGB). This covers your insurance via Archery GB.


Membership Grade Fee per Annum
Senior over 25 £100
Senior (18-24)/Disabled/Registered Student (18-24) £65
Junior £40
For members who are already members of Archery GB (AGB) and wish to shoot regularly at the club, they can become a Club Associate £30

Shooting Fees

Senior over 25/Senior (18-24)/Disabled

Paid monthly £12 – Annual cost = £144
Paid quarterly £31 – A discount of £20
Paid Annually £104 – A discount of £40.

Junior under 18

Paid monthly £9.00 – Annual cost = £108
Paid quarterly £22 – A discount of £20
Paid Annually £68 – A discount of £40.
Each additional Junior Member from the same family would receive a 50% reduction in their shooting fees.


Club Associates

Paid monthly £10.00 – Annual cost = £120
Paid quarterly £25 – A discount of £20
Paid Annually £90 – A discount of £30.

£5.00 per session
Max 5 sessions within a twelve-month period after that you would be required to join as an associate.
Guests must be members of Archery GB

Other Charges

Taster Sessions
Taken at the club – £15
Shot at public events £5.00 for 6 arrows. Plus three practice arrows i.e fetes.

Field Archery at Halsway Manor – When available.
£5.00 per session.

Beginners Course - £50

This covers the five-week course or three-week intensive course and all equipment hire.
Beginners courses are compulsory for any new archer wanting to join the club unless you can demonstrate the required skills as an experienced archer.

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