Beginners Course

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Week One

Introduction and welcome
Equipment to be used
Warming up
Introduction to barebow
Cooling down

Week Two

Any questions and revision of session 1
Bracing a bow
Introduction to sights and to freestyle shooting

Week Three

Any questions and revision of previous sessions
How to record scores
Continuation of freestyle shooting

Week Four

Any questions and revision of previous sessions
Information on other types of bow
Information on different types of archery
Continuation of freestyle shooting

Week Five


Any questions and revision of previous sessions
Archery etiquette
Continuation of freestyle shooting
Any questions and revision of previous sessions
Maintenance of bowstrings, nocking points, arrow rests, arrows
Continuation of freestyle shooting

Archery is fun and if you want it to it can be competitive as well. To get you off to a good start we have put together our beginner’s course.

  • you will be shooting during your very first session.
  • All aspects of shooting and equipment are covered.
  • All equipment is supplied
  • Safety aspects will be covered in detail.
  • During the course, you are insured by Grand National Archery Society.
  • On completion of the course, you can become a full member of the club.
  • Your course fee is your first quarters’ fee of the Bowmen of Danesfield *(See Note)

We have a thriving club with all ages and abilities. Once a full member, you can choose to shoot for recreational purposes or go on to enter tournaments. Field shooting is also a possibility when and where the club has access to woodland.

The course fee is £35.00 and runs over five weeks either on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 7 pm for the senior’s (over 18) and 5 pm for the juniors (10 – 18). Each session is approximately 1.5 Hours. Outdoors during the Summer, indoors during the winter. booking essential.

Our experienced coaches will get you shooting on the first evening and gradually increase your knowledge and skill over the next five weeks and you will graduate with a certificate and be offered club membership.

Course fee £35.

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  • The course fee is £35.00 please bring that with you to your first session. At the end of the course, you are able to join the club the course fee covers your first quarters shooting fees.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

*Note: Your first quarters’ shooting fee is included however your membership fee is payable to join.

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