The November Awards, Competitions and records broken

What a great month.

The handicap competition for  Bray I and Portsmouth has seen some great results. Using a handicap is giving all archers the chance to compete together.

The Virtual Archery League, SCAA, Portsmouth and Frostbite have all seen entries in November.

In November a 252 award, some Portsmouth target awards, and several club records have all been broken since the last report.


The Club Handicap Bray I

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Courtenay Welsh 1458 Barebow
Pip Spicer 1449 Recurve
Steve Robertson 1447 Recurve
Nigel Godden 1442 Recurve
Barry Iles 1435 Recurve
Kevin King 1433 Recurve
Linda Sharp 1430 Recurve
Adrian Sharp 1405 Recurve


Courtenay November Bray I Award
Lily-May November Portsmouth Award

The Club Handicap Portsmouth

The Portsmouth

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Lily-May Woollcott 1522 Recurve
Dulcie Woollcott 1487 Barebow
Dean Howel 1480 Recurve
Linda Sharp 1470 Recurve
Saskia Farmer 1454 Recurve
Pip Spicer 1453 Recurve
Tia Cooper 1451 Barebow
Courtenay Welsh 1449 Barebow
Nigel Godden 1448 Recurve
Charlotte Bailey 1445 Barebow
Kevin King 1444 Recurve
Adrian Sharp 1443 Recurve
Charlotte Hall 1440 Barebow
Steve Robertson 1438 Recurve
Mike cooper 1433 Recurve
Laurence Brown 1421 Barebow
Barry Iles 1306 Recurve


November Barebow Val

The Val Portsmouth

Several of our archers are doing well in the Virtual Archery League, with a special mention to Charlotte Bailey, Number one in Division 1

You will see the current scores in your division and your position in that division.

Don’t forget to submit your scores as soon after shooting as you can.  Log a score

November Recurve Val

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

The November results have been published, and we have four teams taking part and are currently in 4th, 16th, 25th and 32nd places.

However, for November our A team came second after the Bowmen of Ina.

Charlotte Bailey is currently the Top Lady Barebow scorer with an impressive 562.

Our Junior Teams are currently in 2nd and 6th place. 

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring
Dan 252-20 Award

252 Awards

The 252 progress awards are mainly an outside and therefore a summer challenge.

You can see all the 252 results here


Portsmouth Achievments

The Portsmouth round gives a good way of seeing your progress and several archers are improving their Personal Bests.

You can find more information on the dedicated Portsmouth Round Page.

Portsmouth Bage 500

November Club Records

We maintain a list of Club Records; below is a list of those broken in November. You will notice that there is now a grouping for those over 50. Giving lots more opportunities to break the club records.

Why not take a look at all the Club Records? There is a likely hood you hold at least one record.


Archer Round Score Group Bow Type
Charlotte Bailey Portsmouth 562 Women Barebow
Steve Robertson Bray I 247 Men 50+ Recurve
Steve Robertson WA18 (Triple Face) 318 Men 50+ Recurve