The Friendly Shoot

Bowmen of Danesfield
West Somerset Company of Archers

West Somerset Company of Archers and the Bowmen of Danesfield Friendly Shoot

Bowmen of Danesfield invited West Somerset Company of Archers to a friendly shoot.


After two years of trying to arrange this friendly shoot between the two clubs, The Bowmen of Danesfield and the West Somerset Company of Archers, the day had finally arrived. They met at the Bowman of Danesfield archery ground on the sports field of Danesfield Church of England School Williton and despite the weather, the two clubs had a really great day with both clubs fielding several archers.

It was dry, and then it was very wet within a few minutes – changeable to say the least. However, they soldiered on and had a great day of fun and friendly competition. Shooting some arrows, dodging the showers, umbrellas at the ready.

They were shooting a variety of Windsor rounds, which is three dozen arrows at each of three distances

Windsor – 60 yards, 50 yards, 40 yards.
Short Windsor – 50 yards, 40 yards, 30 yards.
Junior Windsor – 40 yards, 30 yards, 20 yards.
Short Junior Windsor – 30 yards, 20 yards, 10 yards.

After the first three dozen arrows, there was a welcome break of burgers and hot dogs served by BBQ expert Gerry. It was a time to have a chat and to become better acquainted.

The second series of three dozen arrows was followed by a short break for tea and cake. The cake was supplied by Glenmore Bakeries and excellent it was too.

At the end of the shooting sessions, three cheers were given to Alan as field captain with a very wet whistle. The soggy score sheets were collected and Gerry and Sarah collated the results.

Windsor – 1st Noel of WSCA, 2nd Kevin K of BOD and 3rd Anne
Short Windsor – 1st Mike of WSCA, 2nd Charlotte of BOD and 3rd Jim of WSCA
Junior Windsor – 1st Courtenay of BOD, 2nd Patrick of WSCA and 3rd Lia of BOD
Short Junior Windsor – 1st Phil of WSCA, 2nd Kevin D of BOD, and 3rd Sarah W of BOD

Thanks to all the archers and friends who came and took part and for the donations given, and a special thanks to Kevin, John, and Barry for making the event happen.


Bowmen of Danesfield look forward to a reciprocal event next year.