No Longer a Novice

by Steve Robertson

Gloucestershire Indoor Championships

I have not been shooting much recently – other activities have got in the way.

However, I did manage to fit in another competition — this time, the Gloucestershire Indoor Championships.

Since the entry form gave a choice, I plumped for the foam target since I find them easier to extract the arrows.  The only negative was it was a 3-spot target, whereas the straw targets were a single-face.

No Longer a Novice The Target must be down there somewhere
No Longer a Novice Not to bad at full draw

The Range

The main challenge for the day was not the archery but the temperature – it was absolutely freezing in the hall, which I think had a negative impact on some of the archers.

Varifocal or Not

The other challenge was that I had decided to swap my normal varifocal glasses for a single distance lens since I was finding that. With a normal stance, the corner of the varifocal lens was giving a slightly blurred image of the target.  However, it meant that the scoresheet and the backup PDA screen were blurred instead.  The only solution was a change of glasses on the walk to the target and a change back on the way back from the target.  Was the effort worth it – the jury is still out!

The archery was ok, the temperature did not seem to have an effect, and I ended up in the middle of the field in the results.

Deer Park Archers published photos of the event with the results – the first I have seen of me in action.

No Longer a Novice Two glasses in action