Awards for New Archers

Bowmen of Danesfield

Awards for New Archers Nigel Mike Steve

Awards for New Archers

Nigel – Mike – Steve

Congratulations to Nigel, Mike and Steve on receiving badges for success in the club’s 252 Improvers Awards Scheme.

When an archery beginners course finishes, the next step is joining the club and continuing your archery journey. It of course takes practice to become a better archer and achieving progress awards along the way is one way of measuring that success.

As a club, we encourage archers, by taking part in the 252 improvers awards.  A progressive award scheme where an archer gains a new badge award for achieving a qualifying score at each successive distance they shoot, from 10 yards to 100 yards.



252 Achievers Gallery



Photos courtesy of Ian Bailey, Jacquie Green and Courtenay Welsh

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