Another Lesson Learnt!

Another competition

A Hereford at Bath Archers.

Excellent location beside the river Avon at Bathampton – dead flat field, and no wonder – the river floods the field after heavy rain in the winter.

It is a friendly, informal shoot with just one session – so it is a bit crowded on the shooting line.

Another Lesson Learnt! - Shooting Line

The lesson learnt

Don’t dash off after the shoot to go and arrive late at a grandchild’s birthday party.

I received the results email, and despite an okay score, more or less at present handicap standard, I had been awarded the Lady Paramount Prize – not sure what I had done to deserve it!

It’s a good photo of yours truly performing but not having wonderful form, with hunched shoulders and looking stressed shooting at 80 yards.

Another Lesson Learnt! - Steve Robertson

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