The October Awards and Competitions

As October brings us the Bray I and the Portsmouth Rounds.

Bray I is generally in internal club competition but the Portsmouth round opens up a few more opportunities with the Virtual Archery League, The SCAA Postal competition, and of course our own Handicap Competition.

 A few hardy folks take part in one outside round the – Frostbite. This is organised by SCAA as a postal competition.

New Club Records

The progress achieved by our archers is genuinely inspiring. Breaking records and achieving feats highlight the limitless potential and opportunities within their reach.

Seeing our archers work so hard to reach their goals is fantastic, they show that the journey of self-improvement can be exciting and that anything is achievable with the right mindset.

Keep up the great work, and never stop striving to be the best.

There are many, more records still to be achieved and lots of scope to improve on those already listed.

Check out all the club records.

Bray I | Longbow | Men 50+ | 190 Courtenay Welsh
Metric IV | Barebow | Men 50+ | 505 Philip Churchill
Portsmouth | Barebow | Men 50+ | 510 Kevin Dixon
Portsmouth | Compound | Men 50+ | 566 Paul Birch
Portsmouth | Longbow | Men 50+ | 420 Courtenay Welsh
Frostbite | Barebow | Men 50+ | 222 Philip Churchill

Portsmouth Achievments

Over the course of the month, six archers improved as they participated in the Portsmouth Round.

More details on the Portsmouth Round Page.

Portsmouth Bage 500

Monthly Achievements


Linda Sharp – 400

Joseph Mo – 349

Rob Hayward  – 306


Adrian Sharp – 475

Thomas Stoel – 478



Paul Birch – 566

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

This a county-wide competition and last year we we came second and not very far behind the top club.

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring
Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring

The SCAA Postal Frostbite

We are off and need more scores on the board.

SCAA Postal

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