The May Awards and Competitions

The results for the May Summer Archery Competition have been released, and we’re thrilled to see some impressive outcomes from those who participated.


May – St Nicholas

The Monthly Handicap

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Winner Nigelk Godden 1637 Recurve
2nd Place Philip Churchill 1499 Barebow
3rd Place Steve Robertson 1448 Recurve


The Bowtype awards

Archer Score Bow Type
Steve Robertson 674 Recurve
Philip Churchill 575 Barebow


Philip Churchill Archer Bowmen of Danesfield

New Club Records

It’s always amazing to witness the continuous trend of club records being broken and see the extraordinary achievements of our archers, showing that there are always new heights to reach and records to break.

It’s a testament to all your hard work and dedication and willingness to push the limits of what is possible.

Keep breaking those records!

Check out all the club records

Western | Barebow | Men50+ | 335 Courtenay Welsh
Western | Longbow | Men50+ | 113 Courtenay Welsh
WA 50m (80cm) | Recurve | Men50+ | 481 Kevin King
Long National | Recurve | Men | 496 Michael Cooper
York | Recurve | Men | 940 Michael Cooper
WA 70m | Recurve | Men | 555 Michael Cooper
St Nicholas | Barebow | Men50+ | 575 Philip Churchill
National | Recurve | Men50+ | 433 Steve Robertson
St Nicholas | Recurve | Men50+ | 674 Steve Robertson
Hereford | Recurve | Men50+ | 835 Steve Robertson


The 252 Improvement Awards

The 252 Improvement Awards are a great way to progress to shooting at a longer distance.

Before shooting a round at a longer distance, an archer should have achieved two 252 awards at the required length. This enables the archer to shoot that distance confidently and does not hold other archers up while searching for arrows that have missed the boss.

All the results and other details on the 252 page


Riley Witcher – 10 Yards

Philip Churchill – 30 Yards


Linda Sharp – 20 Yards

Adrian Sharp – 20 Yards

Nigel Godden – 30 Yards

Dean Howell – 60 Yards


Courtenay Welsh – 20 yards

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