The February Awards and Competitions

Bray I and Portsmouth for Handicap Monthly Competition for February.

The Virtual Archery League, SCAA, and Portsmouth have all seen entries in February


The Club Handicap Bray I

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Philip Churchill 1471 Barebow
Pip Spicer 1448 Recurve
Steve Robertson 1446 Recurve
Adrian Sharp 1446 Recurve
Robert Young 1440 Recurve
Mike Cooper 1439 Recurve
Linda Sharp 1439 Recurve
Courtenay Welsh 1433 Barebow


Philip Churchill Feb 23 Bray I Handicap
January 23 Portsmouth award Philip Churchill

The Club Handicap Portsmouth

The Portsmouth

Archer Handicap adjusted score Bow Type
Lily-May Woollcott 1457 Recurve
Daniel Cull 1448 Barebow
Pip Spicer 1447 Recurve
Kevin King 1444 Recurve
Dean Howell 1440 Recurve
Adrian Sharp 1440 Recurve
Steve Robertson 1439 Recurve
Courtenay Welsh 1439 Barebow
Charlotte Hall 1433 Barebow
Sheila Robbins 1433 Recurve
Mike Cooper 1432 Recurve
Philip Churchill 1425 Barebow
Nigel Godden 1422 Recurve
Robert Young 1422 Recurve
Barry Iles 1421 Recurve
Charlotte Bailey 1420 Barebow
Linda Sharp 1412 Recurve
Michael Robbins 1295 Recurve


February 23 Barebow Val

The Val Portsmouth

The Virtual Archery League has published the February 23 results.

Lots of our archers are in the top three positions in their respective divisions

You will see the current scores in your division and your position in that division.

Don’t forget to submit your scores as soon as possible after shooting.  Log a score

February 23 Recurve Val

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

We have moved into second place.

Well done to the A team of Charlotte Bailey, Dean Howell, Kevin King and Mike Cooper.

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth results for February 2023 have been published, and we have four teams taking part and are currently in 2nd, 12th, 22nd and 29th places. This is an improvement from the January results.

Charlotte Bailey is currently the Top Lady Barebow scorer with an impressive 562.

Our Junior Teams are currently in 3rd and 10th place.

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring

Portsmouth Achievments

It is good to see that several archers have improved their Portsmouth Round scores throughout the season.

You can find more information on the dedicated Portsmouth Round Page.

Portsmouth Bage 500
Courtenay with his 475-252 Barebow Award

Courtenay over 475 on a Portsmouth Round

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