The December Awards and Competitions

December was a month our archers putting in strong performances,  new records were achieved, which is always great to see! It’s always great to see others push themselves to achieve their personal best, and that’s exactly what happened last month. 


New Club Records

This month, we proudly announce that Philip Churchill and Steve Robertson have set new club records.

The bar has been raised again, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our members pushing themselves to new heights. It’s inspiring to witness such passion and drive within our community, and we hope that this achievement will motivate others to aim for their personal best.

Congratulations to Philip and Steve on their remarkable accomplishment!

While many records have already been achieved, there is always room for expansion and setting new goals.

Let’s aim to break even more records and reach new heights!

Check out all the club records.

Philip Churchill | Bray I | Barebow | Men 50+ | 247
Philip Churchill | Frostbite | Barebow | Men 50+ | 256
Philip Churchill | Portsmouth | Barebow | Men 50+ | 544

Steve Robertson | Vegas 300 (Triple Face) | Recurve | Men 50+ | 266


Bray Handicap

Philip Churchill  – 1st Place

Steve Robertson – 2nd Place

Kevin King – 3rd Place

Portsmouth Handicap

John Gobey  – 1st Place

Philip Churchill – 2nd Place

Steve Robertson – 3rd Place

Virtual Archery League

The VAL Leuague is now underway and we have several archers taking part.


Philip Churchill – Div 3 – 1st

Trampas Brown – Div 3 – 6th

John Gobey – Div 9 – 5th


Kevin King – Div 3 – 3rd

Steve Robertson – Div 5 – 1st

Barry Iles – Div 9 – 5th

John Eastaugh – Div 12 – 6th

Adrian Sharp – Div 14 – 4th

Rob Alexander – Div 17 – 6th


Courtenay Welsh – Div 2 – 2nd

Virtual Archery League

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

The Somerset county-wide competition we’ve been participating in for a number of years has been quite competitive and exciting. As a team, we’ve been putting in our best efforts and managed to secure second place last year, which was quite an achievement. Although we could not clinch the top spot, we were not far behind the leading team, which motivated us to work harder and come back stronger this year.

Currently, we have three teams participating in this competition, and our performance has been quite decent so far. Our teams are currently ranked 6th, 16th, and 25th, respectively, which is a good start.

We should note that Philip Churchill is so far the highest scoring Barebow in the Men 50+ category with 544, and Zoe Salvage the highest Barebow score in the Women U14 with 418

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring

The SCAA Postal Frostbite

We have been participating in the Somerset Frostbite, a popular county-wide competition, for several years now. We are currently, in 20th place with only one team in the competition.

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring