The August Awards and Competitions

August, another holiday month, was a little slow, but some notable achievements still exist.

Congratulations go to Steve Robertson, who travelled to Bath Archers, participating in their 65th Bath Hereford competition, where he won the Lady Paramount Prize.


New Club Records

The progress achieved by our archers is genuinely inspiring. Breaking records and achieving feats highlight the limitless potential and opportunities within their reach.

Seeing our archers work so hard to reach their goals is fantastic, they show that the journey of self-improvement can be exciting and that anything is achievable with the right mindset.

Keep up the great work, and never stop striving to be the best.

There are many, more records still to be achieved and lots of scope to improve on those already listed.

Check out all the club records.

252-30yd | Recurve | Men50+ | 294 Steve Robertson
252-50yd | Barebow | Men50+ | 194 Philip Churchill
252-80yd | Recurve | Men50+ | 230 Steve Robertson
Bray I | Barebow | Men50+ | 208 Philip Churchill
Hereford | Recurve | Men50+ | 908 Steve Robertson
Windsor 40/Junior Windsor | Longbow | Men50+ | 606 Courtenay Welsh
Long Metric IV | Recurve | Men50+ | 422 Adrian Sharp
Long Warwick | Recurve | Men50+ | 276 Steve Robertson
Portsmouth | Longbow | Men50+ | 407 Courtenay Welsh
Short Metric/Short Metric I | Recurve | Men50+ | 496 Steve Robertson
St Nicholas | Recurve | Women50+ | 447 Linda Sharp
WA 1440(70m)Metric I | Recurve | Men50+ | 852 Steve Robertson
Warwick 50 | Recurve | Men50+ | 340 Steve Robertson
Warwick 40 | Recurve | Men50+ | 317 Nigel Godden
Western 40/Junior Western | Recurve | Men50+ | 658 Nigel Godden
Western 50/Short Western | Recurve | Men50+ | 700 Steve Robertson
Windsor 40/Junior Windsor | Recurve | Men50+ | 782
Nigel Godden


The 252 Improvement Awards

To shoot at longer distances with confidence and avoid holding up other archers, it’s recommended for an archer to earn two 252 Improvement Awards at the required length.

These awards serve as a progression towards shooting at longer distances and reduce the need to search for missed arrows.

The 252 Improvement Award Scheme


Courtenay Welsh – 40 Yards

Philip Churchill – 50 Yards

Zoe Salvage – 20 Yards




Portsmouth Achievments

Throughout the month, a couple of archers improved their scores in the Portsmouth Round.

More details on the Portsmouth Round Page.

Portsmouth Bage 500

Monthly Achievements


Philip Churchill  – 477



Courtenay Welsh  – 407


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