Keeping Score
Archery Round

Keeping Score - Archery Round - Bowmen of Danesfield

Keeping Score

Archery Round

Archery is great fun with lots of banter but competitive as well.

Keeping score helps when it comes to progression, personal bests, awards etc.

Mostly the competition is with yourself in wanting to do better and to see how you are improving. There is nothing better than knowing you have achieved your personal best score.

The great thing with archery is that there are many challenges and however good you are there is always another challenge around the corner. 

Am I holding the bow correctly, have I set it up to perfection, how is my release, what about my anchor points ….  ….. …. there is much to learn and that is the beauty of archery, you never stop learning.

Over time your fitness improves, your stance/posture becomes more stable and your core body strength improves and your scores improve.

Keeping score over time is a measure of all of these and more while having fun learning from others.

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