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Doug Human – Hon President

Doug was deeply passionate about archery. In 1998, he joined forces with his good friend, the then-headmaster of Danesfield School, marking the establishment of an after-school archery club. Over the years, this club has evolved into the impressive community it is today.

Doug was more than an enthusiastic archer; he was a revered figure in the archery world. His exceptional teaching abilities helped many individuals attain mastery in archery. Notably, some of his students went on to compete at the highest levels, including the Olympics and Para-Olympics.

He was active with the Bowmen of Danesfield and also became well-known further afield. He was active at County, Regional and National levels and, in 2011, was awarded a President’s Medal by Archery GB, the sports governing body, for his contribution to archery.

At the award ceremony, he said, “I don’t know what I have done to deserve this, but I am honoured and delighted to receive such a prestigious award.”

Doug was an exceptional coach, guiding his students to numerous medals and achievements. His coaching prowess was especially notable with young archers and those facing unique challenges such as disabilities or vision impairments.

While Doug retired from the club in 2019, he occasionally returns to guide fellow archers, showcasing his enduring commitment to the sport.

In recognition of Doug’s extraordinary contributions to the club, we appointed him our Honorary President—an honour reflecting his remarkable legacy. 


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The club would like to thank the following photographers for the use of their photographs.
Adam Gorman, Jens Walther, Maxmann, Karl Allen Lugmayer, Skeeze, Giovanna Orlando, Robert Kubicek. William Peters, John Eastaugh, Alan and Pauline Brown, Kevin King, Terry Walker, Roland Dunkley.

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