Archery Beginners Course

Archery Beginners Course Bowmen of Danesfield West Somerset Archery

Juniors, as well as adults, are most welcome.

Where a junior is booked on a course it is great if a parent also takes the course to provide support for the junior as you both develop your archery skills. We also encourage parents to become involved in volunteering at the club.

It is a requirement that a parent/carer accompany any person under 16 or a vulnerable adult.

While we would love to encourage children of all ages to take part at this stage we can only accommodate children over 8 years old for safety reasons.


For anyone starting in archery, the Start Archery website is a helpful resource.

Start Archery


Equipment is provided during the beginners’ course and you are welcome to use our equipment for up to three months after the course at which time you will be given advice on which equipment to purchase. Should you wish to use the Club equipment after the three months then we have a club hire system.

Please avoid buying any equipment before the course as there is the possibility that it will not be suitable for you. We will be able to offer you advice on equipment and point you in the direction of a reputable retailer.

Archery is fun

And if you want it to, it can be competitive as well. We have put together our beginner’s course run under Archery GB guidelines to get you off to a good start.

Archery is a traditional skill that involves using a bow and arrow to shoot at a target. It has a long history and has been practiced in various forms worldwide for thousands of years.

During an archery session, you can learn the proper techniques for holding and using a bow and how to aim and shoot accurately. You can also learn about the different arrows and targets used in archery.

If you have any questions about the session or archery in general, feel free to ask, and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need.

We run several Archery Beginners courses during the year here in West Somerset, and due to the fantastic level of people wishing to take up this great sport, we have to restrict it to people living in the following postcodes. TA4, TA23, TA24, TA5, TA6, TA2, TA1, TA22 and EX35. If you live outside these areas, then there will be a club nearer to you, which you can find on the Archery GB Start Archery website

You can select your preferred date when completing the booking form.

Family Friendly

Archery is a great family sport where everybody can participate, and our classes are of mixed adults and juniors.

  • You will be shooting during your very first session.
  • All aspects of shooting and equipment are covered.
  • All equipment is supplied
  • Safety aspects will be covered in detail.
  • During the course, you are insured by Archery GB (The Governing Body)
  • After completing the course, you will be invited to become a full club member.

We have a thriving club of all ages and abilities. Once a full member, you can choose to shoot for recreational purposes or go on to enter tournaments. Field shooting is also a possibility where the club has access to woodland.


Course Details

The course fee is £50.00 and runs over four weeks. Each session is approximately two hours. Outdoors during the Summer and indoors during the winter. Booking is essential as places on each course are limited. Gentle rain does not usually stop us, but like all outdoor events, we may adjust the shooting dates due to inclement weather.

The course will be held at Danesfield CofE School, Williton, TA4 4SW.

Our experienced coaches will get you shooting on the first session and gradually increase your knowledge and skill over the next four weeks. You will graduate with a certificate and be able to join the club as a member.

Course fee is £50.

Book your Archery Beginners Course

To book your place on the Archery Beginners Course please complete the form below.

The course will take place at Danesfield CofE School, Williton, TA4 4SW. Should you have any further questions before booking please contact us.

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