The March Awards and Competitions

This month, the Bowmen of Danesfield celebrate new club records set by Kevin King, Courtenay Welsh, and Philip Churchill across various disciplines.

Additionally, there have been notable achievements in the 252 Awards, with Nick Heckscher and Samuel Nicholson reaching milestones.

The club’s handicap competitions saw impressive performances from Linda Sharp, Courtenay Welsh, and others.

In the Virtual Archery League, various members excelled across divisions in different bow categories.

Despite a commendable showing in the SCAA Postal Portsmouth competition, the team is resolved to improve upon its performance in the Frostbite competition next year.

New Club Records

We are thrilled to announce that this month, Kevin King, Courtenay Welsh, and Philip Churchill – have broken yet more club records.

This should serve as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that with dedication and determination, any goal can be surpassed.

To explore the extensive collection of remarkable club records, visit our website at

Kevin King | Double Portsmouth | Recurve | Men 50+ | 1125 
Philip Churchill | WA 18m | Barebow | Men 50+ | 456 
Courtenay Welsh | Vegas 300 (Triple Face) | Longbow | Men 50+ | 176 
Philip Churchill | Frostbite | Barebow | Men 50+ | 264

252 Awards

It is great to see new 252 acheivments this month.

Nick Heckscher – 252-20 yards Barebow

Samuel Nicholson (Junior) – 252-10 yards Barebow

For more details and full list of acheivments check out the 252 Improvement Awards

Sam 252 10yds

Club Handicap Competition

Linda with his award for the March Bray I Archery Handicap Competition Somerset

Bray Handicap

Linda Sharp – 1st Place

Courtenay Welsh – 2nd Place

Steve Robertson – 3rd Place

Portsmouth Handicap

Richard Parr – 1st Place

Sarah-Louise Darwin – 2nd Place

Rob Alexander – 3rd Place

Richard with his award for the March Portsmouth Handicap Competition Somerset

Virtual Archery League

The Virtual Archery League is progressing and we have several archers taking part.


Philip Churchill – Div 3 – 1st

Trampas Brown – Div 3 – 5th

Linda Sharp – Div 7 – 3rd


Kevin King – Div 3 – 1st

Steve Robertson – Div 5 – 4th

Barry Iles – Div 9 – 6th

John Eastaugh – Div 12 – 5th

Adrian Sharp – Div 14 – 4th

Thomas Stoel – Div 14 – 5th

Rob Alexander – Div 17 – 5th


Courtenay Welsh – Div 2 – 1st

Virtual Archery League

The SCAA Postal Portsmouth

The Somerset Portsmouth Postal Competition has concluded for the year and we did pretty well with our three teams ranked 3rd, 15th, and 28th respectively.

We are thrilled to share that Philip Churchill maintains his position as the leading scorer in the Men’s 50+ barebow category, amassing an impressive 544 points. Similarly, Zoe Salvage continues to dominate in the Women’s U15 category, securing the highest Barebow score with an exceptional 453 points. 

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring

The SCAA Postal Frostbite

Whilst we had a team has participate in the Somerset Frostbite competition this year, we only ranked 29th among all participating teams.

We must do better next year.

SCAA Postal

Exmouth Indoor Archery Competition Electronic Scoring

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